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Everyone's Customers Are
Now Yours!

Precisely Reach Only Your Desired Audience.
While they shop. Nobody Else.

100% Genuine Customer Reach.

Engage genuine customers, not anonymous users on the internet.

100% Verification. 0% Fraud

A hybrid blockchain model that eliminates the possibility of fraud or pilferage by middlemen.
We guarantee your every marketing dollar is spent to reach a genuine human being,
verified in real time by your partners.

Engage customers when they are
ready to buy.

Market your brand every time someone buys from a partner company.

Become authentic in your marketing.

Stay true to your brand and your customers.

Collaborate with companies that cater to the same audience as you.
Positively engage potential customers when they’re in the same state of mind as
your brand voice.
Be loyal to your brand’s vision by joining hands with companies that share that same vision.

Real-time matchmaking for businesses.

Our machine-learning, matchmaking algorithms track customer spending behaviour in real-time to trigger relevant partner offers.
This ensures companies on our network effectively reach their target customer profile, every single time.

We make profiling and targeting customers easy.

Partner with companies to reach your target customer base.
100% guaranteed.

Real-time analytics and verification.

Get real-time performance reports.
Track the outcome of every marketing campaign.

Market to customers when they’re most happy!

Fact: A shopper who has just completed a transaction is in the most receptive mind space.
Not browsing, nor researching, or worrying, but ready to spend more.

Tap into the ‘Retail Golden Hour’!

Engage customers right in the middle of their post-purchase dopamine rush!

Get personally recommended.

Nothing can have a greater impact than being recommended by a company that the customer already trusts!

Hit their inboxes when they’re sure to be looking.

Deliver your marketing message right after the order confirmation email that they’re waiting to receive.

Make them feel they’ve earned your offer.

Since customers receive your offer as a reward for their spend at another business, they’re more likely to redeem it!

Why Sniper is The Smarter Choice.

  • No wasted expense on bots, fake accounts etc.
  • Enable customers to retrieve your marketing messages at any time,
    via their inbox.
  • Get recommended by partner companies
  • Engage customers when they’re most receptive!

Reach active customer inboxes
via your partners.

Leverage the power of collaboration to gain an edge in your email marketing efforts.
Hit an inbox when it’s most likely to be open and engaged with.

Get personally recommended by partner companies.

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing. Especially when it’s another business that vouches for you.

Stop fighting for mindspace. Lock your competition out.

Don’t worry about competition stealing the spotlight. We ensure that no two competing brands market to the same customer at one time.

Market on Fact, Not Assumptions

We’ve created the only marketing solution in the world
that triggers marketing messages against real customer actions & purchases,
verified by partner companies in real-time.

Our algorithms find your customers, eliminating the guesswork.

A lot of your time and money is invested in filtering and engaging your target prospects with zero promise of conversion.
We help you instantly narrow down on your ideal customers, so that you can focus your resources on wooing them right.
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