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Retain Customers with Rewards
You Don’t Pay For.

Semper Fi* is the only customer loyalty program in the world where
other businesses pay to help YOU retain YOUR customers!

*Semper Fi comes from Semper Fidelis - a Latin phrase that means 'Always Loyal’.

Start a conversation.

Meaningfully engage with your prospects and customers in ways that make a real difference to them. Give them a reason to engage back with you.

Become part of their daily lives.

Stay at the top of their minds. Deliver value that goes beyond their direct relationship with your brand. Become synonymous with value.

Enhance your brand value.

Through partner recommendations delivered straight to their inbox (including regular email reminders). Be relevant without diluting your brand.

How Semper Fi is Different

Typical Loyalty Programs
  • Reward points take too long to collect
  • Collected points stay unredeemed
  • Doesn’t address a customer’s immediate needs; instant gratification is missing
  • Your rewarding capacity is limited to your own marketing budget / product or service range
  • Most importantly, all customer retention costs
    come from your own pocket!
Semper Fi
  • Reward instantly
  • No reward points to collect
  • Instant customer gratification
  • Cross-brand relationship marketing
  • Reward every engagement & purchase
  • Run a rewards program that works across borders!
  • Ensure your customers receive the star treatment everywhere they go.
  • Reward across categories & experiences
  • Cultivate loyalty without fear of marketing expense!

Create a virtuous cycle of goodwill.

Equate your brand with unlimited value in the minds of your customers.
Make their purchases with you a source of perpetual delight!

Start building Loyalty Today!

Semper Fi eliminates the need to
  • Stay limited to one’s own marketing budget to reward customers
  • Create complex, time-consuming loyalty programs/rewards systems
  • Pursue time-consuming cross-marketing partnerships with other brands

Trigger real-time intelligence to reward contextually…

XIRCLS matchmaking algorithms measure previous & current customer engagement to gain real-time behavioral insights and auto-curate more relevant reward experiences.

… or choose exactly how you want to reward your customers.

An ‘Inner XIRCL’ gives you 100% control over the customer reward experience.
  • Create a private network of ideal partner companies
  • Direct offers from select partners to different sections of your customer base
  • Hyper-curate your customers’ rewards experience with handpicked offers

Make them feel they've 'earned' your offers.

Since customers receive your offers as a reward for their purchase, they instantly attach a personal value to your offers.
This motivates them to redeem the offers to get their money’s worth.

Don’t Bear the Burden of Rewarding your Customers Alone.

Customer retention has never been easier on your bottom line.
Reward your customers with diverse offers from non-competing merchants for every purchase they make.

Tap Into Collaboration’s Most Powerful Aspect – Trust

Introduce your customers to new brands, and in turn they will introduce you to their customers, leveraging the trust-invoking power of the personal recommendation.

Win Customers for Life.

Prove to your customers that their money is always well spent at your business.
Show them that every visit with you is a reason to celebrate!

Instant gratification never felt so good.

Generously reward your customers on every single purchase without feeling the pinch.
Reserve your marketing budget for other activities
while actively cultivating loyalty for your brand every single day.

Why Customer Retention Makes Sense.

Lower Spending

Acquiring a new customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer.

Higher Conversion

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is as little as 5-20%.

Greater Profits

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25-95%.

Improved CLV

Lower your customer churn rates and increase your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), both important indicators of your business health.

Launch a Perpetual Rewards Loop

Gift your customers with partner offers every single time they buy from you to keep them coming back for more.

Give value to become truly invaluable.

‘You must give to receive.’ We help you put this principle to practice.
Instead of leaving it to your customers to reap the benefits of their loyalty to you, we ask you to take the first step and reward them from their very first purchase – and forever after that.
Consistently give them value.

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