Adriana Marcela Torrenegra

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Adriana Marcela Torrenegra

Copywriter & Content Writer at XIRCLS

Adriana is a copywriter, content writer, and blogger at XIRCLS. She is also a Human Resources intern at the company.

Adriana is currently pursuing a B.Sc in Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology from Jacobs University Bremen.

Adriana was born in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, in a charming and colourful city called Barranquilla. From an Italian descent, she has travelled to more than 15 countries throughout her lifetime. After delving in diverse cultures, she decided she wanted to reside in a culture exceptionally different from her own. Adriana is presently living and studying in Bremen, Germany.

Adriana describes herself as a poet, a storyteller, and a writer. A self-confessed bibliophile she finds pleasure in using words to give an idea or an emotion a life of its own.

Adriana is amused every day by creativity, profoundness and inspiration. At XIRCLS, Adriana enjoys working in an environment where superficiality is discouraged, and meaningful connections, relationships and ideas are celebrated.

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