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Why Collaborative Marketing?

We believe the future of marketing must be collaborative.

XIRCLS is a technology inspired by
universal fundamentals.

“The journey to the self is through the other.”
In the history of mankind, we see this principle expressed time and again, across ancient texts,
philosophical doctrines and the world of literature.
Science too acknowledges all life as a complex network of cells in perpetual motion,
operating in absolute harmony within themselves and with each other.
It is as if we exist in a state of completion and incompletion all at once.
Call it scientific, spiritual or divine, life seems to be an eternal journey that begins with you,
leads to someone else and finally, comes back to you. A complete XIRCL.
XIRCLS is an attempt to leverage technology to give this universal principle form and function.

Life is Collaboration, Not Competition.

Think back to every achievement or landmark event in your personal or professional life and you will remember the people around you who helped make it possible.
In a fear-driven world, we fixate on competition. Forgetting that for every competitor, there are hundreds of potential collaborators who would love to partner with you. Why not start there?
If life on this planet and human society itself thrives through collaboration, why not apply the same to business?

What if businesses helped each other reach their marketing goals?

XIRCLS started out by asking this simple question.
Every day, thousands of companies invest time, money and resources individually to market to the same customer base.
On advertising & marketing platforms, businesses bid and compete to grab the attention of potential customer, pushing ad prices higher and ROIs lower.
Meanwhile, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages that rarely make an 'impression' and are perceived as a nuisance.
​In a world where nobody wins - except Big Tech - enabling friction-less collaboration​​ between businesses could result in a more equitable marketing landscape that protects consumer interests as well.

A global level playing field.

XIRCLS helps counter corporate monopolies with a technology that essentially brings human beings together to make resources easily shareable and their end goals easily attainable - with no central authority or hidden agendas.
We picture XIRCLS bringing people together across sectors, across platforms, across touchpoints, across borders, across cultures... across the world.

Help, just a thought away.

From a one-man show to small and medium size enterprises to global companies, everybody can benefit from collaboration. We’ve created a worldwide platform for businesses to instantly connect with one another and collaborate 100% virtually, within minutes. Never feel alone again.

What Collaboration means to us.

In an ‘Every Man for Himself’ kind of world, it’s no surprise that we’re often asked
- what’s in it for XIRCLS, especially in the long run?
Collaboration, to us, will always mean one thing - That we are all in it together.
Yes, we have big dreams. Yes, we want to make the world a gentler place.
Yes, we want to create a safe haven for businesses dying every day
in the face of crony capitalism and hateful greed.
But we’re not in it for the glory. We promise to leave that - as well as your customers and profits
- to you, our merchants. That’s why XIRCLS will never communicate with your customers directly.
We’ll try our very best to remain anonymous to your customers.

We want to create a viable alternative to online advertising that is accessible to every merchant in the world.

The uneven distribution of power, abysmally low ROIs, transparency issues, ad fraud and privacy concerns that plague advertising today have been our starting points. By creating a 100% transparent and decentralized marketing model, XIRCLS is the first marketing platform in the world that resolves all of the above concerns and puts the power squarely in the hands of businesses who use it.

Changing the world, one company at a time.

We acknowledge the huge mindshift required to counter decades of advertising thinking among businesses and marketing professionals. That is part of the reason why we’ve kept our pricing incredibly simple. Our pay-as-you-go model makes it possible for any business to start using our platform from today and discover a whole new way to market.

We’re here to address inefficient systems.

Through collaboration-driven innovations, our mission is to address problems of cost, access and quality for players in every industry. We don’t see competitors, only future partners. If you sense a synergy between XIRCLS and what your company does, let’s talk.

Benefits of Collaborative Marketing:

Instant collaborations with any business in the world.

Our platform makes it possible to run collaborative marketing campaigns with almost anybody, be it a global brand, a niche e-commerce company, an NGO, a professional or a local dairy farmer in rural India.

Address genuine customers who are most likely to buy from you, right now.

Strategic collaborations make it possible for you to market to real-time buyers in allied categories and therefore, most likely to need your product/service.

Dramatically reduce your marketing & customer retention costs.

We’ve used the power of collaboration to make marketing precise yet low-priced, so that no business feels left out.

Make products & services more affordable.

By keeping marketing costs down and raising ROIs, companies can pass on their savings to customers, increase access and expand their addressable market. In the context of industries like healthcare, collaborative marketing can literally save lives.

Accountability = ethical marketing.

Collaborative marketing is all about relationships - between companies and their customers. And when businesses themselves become marketing channels for each other, ethical practices become everyone’s priority.
We’ve managed to address this concern and eradicate many evils in advertising (think spam, ad fraud, lack of measurability etc.) at its very root, ensuring customers always receive messages of value and companies know exactly what they’re paying for. At a B2B level, our network-based platform ensures that all players always act responsibly.

Advanced customer profiling.

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ shopping behaviour. Get the benefits of collaborative customer profiling while keeping your customer data 100% secure.

Join a collaborative marketing movement

Adapt to the global transition from an advertising-
led internet to a transaction-led internet.

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