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We are a global movement to decentralize online marketing
practices and transfer power back from a few to the
millions of businesses that actually run the world.

Every business in the world
obsesses daily over two fundamentals:

1. Customer Acquisition 2. Customer Retention

Yet, ironically, companies have little control over their marketing activity aimed
at addressing these fundamentals.
Instead, they must trust the platforms they advertise on to deliver their message
to the right audience at the right time.
XIRCLS is the world’s first decentralized, collaborative marketing platform that, for the first time,
has eliminated the need for companies to trust and be wholly dependent on a third party
to secure their financial future.

XIRCLS offers an alternative to current advertising & marketing practices with a global, virtual network for online and offline companies to collaborate and market to each other's customers.

XIRCLS is a countermeasure to bring
power back into the hands of the millions
of businesses that actually run the world.

We’re going back to the values of the free internet by empowering companies
around the world to market to each others’ customers on their own terms. Without sharing customer data.
By replacing greed and fear with a sense of ease and community in the way business gets done,
we want to fundamentally change the way companies work to achieve their marketing goals.

We’ve been helping businesses navigate
their own course in a highly manufactured
ad environment for over two decades.

XIRCLS is the outcome of the founding team’s 20+ years of experience as advertising,
communications & marketing tech professionals.
Meet the team here.

XIRCLS is not new. It’s eternal.

It is our attempt at building technology that doesn’t just reinvent marketing but is an expression of life itself.
Everything in life is connected to each other, often in ways we don't know (yet).
XIRCLS is the physical manifestation of this universal connectedness of things.
It is the line connecting two points anywhere in the world, no matter what those points are.
We visualize XIRCLS to be the start of a collaborative, transparent world not just in marketing & business
but the way we live our lives. Come join us on this journey.

1. No More Targeting Anonymous Users.

If you’ve long been suspecting the authenticity of your online marketing reach, XIRCLS is for you. When you collaborate with genuine companies accepting payments from your target customer base, you know your marketing message is reaching a genuine human being, not a bot.

2. No More Blind Ads and Offers.

What is the real impact of an ‘impression’? How do you verify if your offer was redeemed by a genuine customer? These are questions you no longer need to ask.
With XIRCLS, make every marketing dollar count! Accurately track partner customer engagement such as email opens and clicks on your marketing messages and offer redemptions.
Note: XIRCLS shows you engagement on your marketing messages via partner companies without sharing customer data.

3. Freedom from Third-party Platforms

Stop actively driving your customers to your competitors on third-party delivery & coupon platforms!
XIRCLS is a peer-to-peer marketing platform where you can directly reach your target audience without sharing the stage with your competitors, engaging in discount wars or paying hefty commissions.

4. Protect Customer Data

Take a stand against unethical data sharing practices. Lead your partners’ customers directly to your website and keep their data 100% secure.

5. Prepare For a Cookie-Less Future

Cookie-based advertising is on its way out, impacting the ability of advertisers to deliver targeted messages and track engagement.
Stay ahead of the curve. Direct high-quality, inbound traffic directly from partner companies.

6. Set Your Own Terms

Choose your partners, customize marketing messages by partner audience types, give out discounts you’re comfortable with, create separate sets of offers for new customer acquisition and retention & more!

7. Collaborate with Like-minded Businesses

Discover affinity partner companies on the XIRCLS network or invite them to partner with you.
For example, a customer just bought from your clothing store? Gift her offers from businesses that sell fashion accessories & footwear!
Are you a WooCommerce store that sells vegan makeup? Partner with other vegan businesses in categories like fashion, food & groceries.

8. Market Precisely

XIRCLS gives you precision targeting like never before. Via your partners, instantly reach out to your ideal customer base with exclusive offers they can’t refuse!

9. Keep your customers in a Perpetual Rewards Loop!

Reward every purchase at your website or store with partner offers. At zero cost to you. Perpetually! Run a 24/7, 365-day loyalty program where other businesses pay to reward your customers.

10. Multiply Reach

As you grow your partner network on XIRCLS, exponentially increase your marketing reach. Let every purchase at a partner’s be an acquisition moment for you!

11. Get Incredible ROIs

Collaborative marketing is far more effective and with higher ROIs compared to your regular online marketing activities. Companies on the XIRCLS network currently see ROIs that exceed industry standards!

12. Elevate your Brand Image

Reap the rewards of the company you keep! When allied / affinity companies keep recommending you to their customers, you create new brand associations in the minds of your target audience.

13. Go Beyond Generic Discounts. Give Meaningful Value.

Delight your customers with timely discounts on partner products/services that go perfectly with what they just purchased with you or suits their lifestyle.
For example, a customer just bought from your clothing store? Gift her offers from businesses that sell fashion accessories & footwear!
Are you a store that sells vegan makeup? Partner with other vegan businesses in categories like fashion, food & groceries.

14. Adopt an Always-On Approach

No more stop-start marketing campaigns. Run a year-long loyalty program while also acquiring high-quality customers from your partners. Read more about Infiniti here.

Join a collaborative marketing movement

Adapt to the global transition from an advertising-
led internet to a transaction-led internet.

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