Our Vision & Mission

To empower businesses worldwide to market to each other’s customers
without third party involvement and no data sharing.

We believe in collaboration, not competition.

XIRCLS aims to be a global,
verified network of companies,
brands & marketers.

In a hyper-connected world, how can businesses not be connected?
We envision a world where businesses, brands and global companies can instantly connect & collaborate for cross-marketing campaigns and other partnership possibilities - on their own terms.

To be an affordable,
hyper-precise & transparent marketing platform.

XIRCLS connects businesses with a single aim - to enable them to join hands and create more effective, economical and sustainable marketing campaigns that directly address their target end consumers.
XIRCLS provides an alternative cross-marketing channel for companies, brands & marketers who've become disillusioned with:
  • The unviability of traditional print, TV, radio advertising
  • High costs & disproportionate returns involved in social media marketing & other forms of digital advertising
  • Obscure & unethical marketing tactics employed by third-party deals platforms for rapid customer acquisition ​at the cost of individual merchants

XIRCLS wants to give its Merchants:

  • The power to connect with other merchants and digitally distribute their marketing messages & offers to a vast & genuine consumer base at a miniscule fraction of offline and online marketing costs
  • 100% transparency in our pricing & detailed performance reports to track campaign performance down to every single lead and customer
  • 100% flexibility over offer creation & distribution by segregating marketing strategies and offers for customer acquisition & retention
  • 100% control over choosing their cross-marketing partners. This means they can essentially build their own marketing network and know exactly who their marketing messages are reaching (without sharing customer data)

To be a global repository of marketing best practices

As a one-of-its-kind business network founded on the principles of collaboration & goodwill, XIRCLS hopes to tap into the decades of real-world, on-the-ground marketing experience of its merchants by building a knowledge bank of tried-and-tested marketing methods, strategies & results, tips & advice.

This repository can serve to offset the hype & confusion surrounding current marketing fads by giving young entrepreneurs and marketers a more balanced and seasoned viewpoint on how to set their business on the path to success for the long run.

Our Core Values


We aim for 100% efficiency in all our processes.
We know our assets and strengths, but also our shortcomings and weaknesses.
All our processes stem from this insight.


We aim for 100% efficiency in all our processes.


We don’t steal. We don’t compromise. We don’t take shortcuts, even if it means
taking that extra moment to do something right.


A clear sense of purpose informs everything we do.
We are not superfluous in logic, design and communication.


We create solutions that subvert common perception. We are original in idea and execution.


Given our backgrounds as media professionals & journalists, we’re highly
committed to the greatest levels of transparency in both our professional and personal lives.
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