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Our Vision & Mission

To build a world where businesses, globally, can instantly connect to
fulfill their mutually compatible marketing goals - with no third-party
involvement or personal data violations.

We aim to be:

A global, verified network of companies, businesses, marketers & content publishers.

A transparent marketing platform that they can trust.

Affordable, yet hyper-precise.

What We Believe


Collaboration, not Competition.

Living in an atmosphere of fear, doubt and competition, the world has come to accept this seeming status quo. XIRCLS aims to build a revolutionary alternative, not just in the field of marketing technology, but in the way that we choose to live our lives. We want to show the world there is a gentler way to live.

Relationships Drive Growth

As long as money trumps relationships in the world of business, companies will struggle to acquire and retain their customers.
Because any company that pays the ad platform or aggregator more money, gets the customer.
At XIRCLS, when businesses collaborate, they are invested in each other’s growth and success is shared, not won.

We'll Be a Global Repository of Marketing Best Practices.

As a one-of-its-kind business network founded on the principles of collaboration & goodwill, XIRCLS will become its own knowledge economy built on tried-and-tested marketing methods, strategies & results, tips & advice from merchants and marketing professionals with decades of on-the-ground marketing experience from around the world.
This repository will serve to offset the hype & confusion surrounding current marketing fads by giving young entrepreneurs and marketers a more balanced and seasoned viewpoint on how to grow their business for the long term.

Our Mission in Action

To empower them to market on their own terms, we will always ensure that companies:

Can instantly connect with any non-competing business, globally, nationally, locally and hyperlocally

Will reach ONLY genuine, verified customers via their partners

Will have 100% control over offer distribution i.e. they will reach actual customers, not a demographic group (without data shared)

Can discreetly reward their new and existing customers with no public display of offers

Will always be able to track campaign performance down to every single lead and customer. (without data shared)

Will be respected with 100% transparency in our pricing & performance reports

Our Culture

Attract. Never Promote.

XIRCLS overturns the traditional mindset of persuasion & aggression - an outward flow of energy and therefore wasteful - to create a culture of value creation that is sustainable and benefits everyone involved.

Inspire Trust

Through the principle of service, we aim to create a global community of individuals who consistently work to become pillars of support. We are the people you turn to when the road ahead seems unclear. Knowing fully well that when you reach out to us, you will receive what is best for you.

Always Be of Service.

To constantly deliver value, we assume a consciously directed state of inner reflection that can be summed up with the question: “How can I be of service to someone today?”
Service is not just a concept at XIRCLS. It is the greater aim that we, and the people who join us on our journey, live by. It gives purpose to our interactions with everyone around us, from clients and coworkers to friends & family to a stranger on the street.

Why culture is important
to us.

1. We believe it is crucial to our long-term success that the values we’ve defined for ourselves and our team bind us to a common purpose greater than our individual selves and keep us on path with our mission.
2. To counter a naively self-celebratory culture that idolizes the grifter hero who goes for all he can get, regardless of its side-effects.
3. To build a global team of employees, interns and partners who are aligned with our values & goals.

Our Core Values


We are always willing to learn. We know our strengths, but also our shortcomings. All our actions stem from here.


We aim for 100% efficiency in all our processes, knowing that the effort towards perfection can never stop.


We don’t compromise. We don’t take shortcuts, even if it means taking that extra moment to do something right.


A clear sense of purpose informs everything we do. We are not superfluous in logic, design and communication.


We create solutions that subvert common perception. We are original in idea and execution.


With a core team of media professionals & journalists, we’re highly committed to the greatest levels of transparency in both our professional and personal lives.
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