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Peyton Sweeney

Content Writer, XIRCLS

Peyton is based in the United States and is from Saint Louis, Missouri. She attended Lindenwood University and graduated with a B.A. in International Relations. After college, Peyton accepted a position as a reporter for two newspapers in the Saint Louis area.

Through her academic and professional experience, Peyton has developed a passion for tellingpeoples’ stories and ensuring that people are both accurately informed and heard.

As a reporter, Peyton’s job included acting as a watchdog, and ensuring that government entities were conducting themselves legally and ethically. Peyton believes that the same scrutiny must also be applied to businesses. She is passionate about international cooperation, sustainability, and human rights.

At XIRCLS, Peyton strives to deliver thought-provoking pieces on the evolving internationalbusiness and marketing sector. You can reach out to Peyton on LinkedIn.

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