A collaborative marketing platform for precision reach & perpetual rewards

Welcome to XIRCLS

Introducing the World’s First Collaborative Marketing Engine

Partner with other Businesses

Across Sectors, Online or Offline, Anywhere in the World.

Market Directly to their Customers

At the Moment of Transaction. Without Customer Data being shared.

Retain Existing Customers

At Zero Cost, via Partner Rewards.


Invite, connect or get matched with other non-competing businesses, locally or globally.



Make strategic partners who will help you meet your current marketing goals.



Run a campaign for precise customer reach or win customer loyalty with rewards sourced from your partners.

Automate Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Collaborate instantly with businesses you know. Discover new partners on the network.

Create Highly Targeted & Precise Campaigns

Use strategic partnerships to design highly personalised campaigns that align with your marketing goals.

Cross-promote & Market To Each Others' Customers

Help other businesses reach their marketing goals so that you can reach yours. It's a win-win for everyone.

Bring Omni-channel Efficiency To Promotional Campaigns

Seamlessly integrate online and offline channels to reach more customers, reward them meaningfully and enhance their overall brand experience.

Incentivise Customer Loyalty Without Spending A Single Rupee

We've created the only loyalty program in the world where other businesses pay to reward your customers - perpetually!

Reach Hyper-local, National Or Even Global Customers

Collaborations with strategic partners enables you to instantly reach customers hyper-locally, across the country or anywhere in the world.

Reduce Advertising And Promotional Costs Phenomenally!

With our pay-as-you go campaigns and economical unit pricing way below industry standards, you can make the most of your marketing budget.
Collaborative marketing is up to
cheaper than digital advertising
Highly collaborative businesses experience
Revenue Growth
Businesses that invest in collaborative efforts achieve a profit
their investment!
Source: American Express 2017 Business Collaboration Index, based on responses from 700+ businesses across 15 different industries and locations in Australia.

Why Collaboration Makes Sense

Partnerships make marketing smarter, cost-efficient & personalised.

Target Real Customers

Reach 100% real people, verified by genuine transactions or actions in real-time, in your chosen categories.

Expand Your Reach

Exponentially. Just a few strategic partnerships can expose you to lakhs of new prospects every year.

Reward Perpetually

Source unlimited rewards from other businesses. Keep customers hooked without blowing up your budget.

Get Noticed

Directly reach a customer’s inbox when they’re most likely to be engaged. Make a real impression.

Gain Trust

When your partners recommend you in real-time to their customers, your message gains depth, utility and value!

Access Rich Data

Gain valuable insights on your customers – where they go, what they buy, what makes them happy.

For You. No Matter Who You Are.

A one-of-its-kind marketing platform that has something for everyone.

Manufacturers & Retailers

Implement real-time contextual marketing at hyperlocal level.

Service Providers

Reward every transaction with offers matched to customer profile.

Startups & Local Businesses

Market to target customers at low cost. Delight customers with big ticket rewards.

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Govt. Bodies

Give tangible, locally-sourced incentives to citizens for diverse actions.


Reward people for doing good with offers sourced from brands & local businesses.


Perpetually reward community members who follow best civic & social practices.

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